What is a Creative Consultation?

Your Service might include anything from simply helping you plan your next project, to polishing current content, generating new content, and even managing other creatives.

This means we write, edit, proof, polish, build and publish—any part of the creative process that you need covered.

Like bullet points? Me too.

  • Novel writing

    • Adaptations

    • Ghostwriting

    • Original Commissions

  • Screenplays

    • Treatments

    • Drafts

    • Punch-up

    • Editing

    • Coverage prep
      (beta reading)

  • General

    • Outlines

    • Project plans

    • Brainstorming

    • Reorganization

    • IP Creation

  • Comics

    • World-building

    • Scripts

    • Collaboration with artists

  • Audiodrama

    • Development

    • Drafting

    • Collaboration with voice talent

    • Quality checks

  • Video Games

    • Decks and docs

    • Scripts and treatments

As you can see...

A dedicated writer can provide any piece of content under the sun, and handle any part of the creative process you require. We are committed to communication, collaboration, and hard work.

We want to see your creations break through into reality, and for your endeavors to succeed.

You've got the dream and the drive. It's time to control the outcome.